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Here's how this works:

1st place: $2500 in $BALLS.
Have to be a holder for the entire 30 days – need to hold $10 in BALLS minimum. If you’re not a holder, you can still win the following prizes:

2nd place: $1000 in $BALLS

3rd place: $500 in $BALLS

4th place: $250 in $BALLS

5th place: $100 + $BALLS Merch

6th place: $BALLS Merch

Now for the rules & criteria:

  • Take a picture of yourself in the mirror day 1 (save this for later).
  • Post a short video of the workout daily in The Telegram Chat.
  • Take a picture of yourself in the mirror day 30.
  • Submit before & after pictures in our Private Facebook Group.
  • Person with the most likes wins 1st place, 2nd most likes 2nd place & well you get the idea.

You need to post 30 days consistent between 1st of June till 7th of July!

Competition closes 7th July 10am EST
Voting opens 10AM EST 8th of July
Voting closes 10AM EST 10th of July
Winner announced 4pm EST 10th of July

Pretty simple eh?

(Make sure to read this again so you’re clear on the prizes, rules & criteria).

P.S Here’s a tip for ya:

Want a super simple way to stay consistent?

Set an alarm that goes off at the EXACT same time every day. Then perform the workout right then and there.

You got this!