Balls | Health

The crypto that promotes men’s health and well-being

A revolutionary token that helps men lead happier, healthier lives.

BALLS is about Brotherhood

We’re a game-changing community of holders, investors and men’s wellbeing advocates. We want to harness the power of crypto to help men live better, healthier lives.

A Platform to Inspire and Educate

We’ve partnered with leaders in men’s personal growth to bring you an exclusive content platform. As a holder, you’ll get access to advice from experts in everything from fitness to dating. Invest in yourself.

Giving Back

BALLS is a token for change. 2% of all transactions are dedicated to funding men’s health causes, such as prostate and testicular cancer research.

Our Mission

You don’t change the world overnight. That’s why we’re in it for the long haul.

Inspired by the Balls movement serial entrepreneur Jian Tam joined as the Ball Father to lead the movement of Men’s Health.

Our vision is to develop a long-term product that brings value to our holders’ lives. BALLS’ content platform will help you become your best self, while our charitable commitment lets you support other men with their own health and wellbeing. Doing good is good for you.

Balls Health


With each $BALLS transaction, a 10% transaction fee is applied, made up of burn, reflection and charitable contributions.


burn per transaction


redistribution to holders


charitable contribution


total transaction fee

Balls Health

Our Roadmap

Cool Timeline

May 20


  • Conceptualize project and form team
  • Launch BALLS Health Website
  • Partner with initial men’s health related coaches / advisors / creators
  • Complete Pre-Sale
  • List publicly on PancakeSwap
  • Continue early stage marketing through various means (Instagram Stories, Reddit, word of mouth etc)
  • Launch revamped website
  • Release Whitepaper
  • Complete Smart Contract Audit
  • Launch first BALLS Health Fitness Challenge
  • List on CoinMarketCap, Coin Gecko etc
  • Update Trust Wallet Logo
  • Team growth and recruitment drive
  • Introduce first male coaches / mentors / creators accepting $BALLS tokens for their services
May 19


  • Design and develop BALLS Health NFTs
  • Launch BALLS Health NFT catalogue
  • Further team growth and recruitment drive
  • Partner with marketing agencies in the digital space
  • Partner with more men’s coaches, mentors, advisors, spokespeople
  • First donation to established charity / research organisation
  • Launching of BALLS Health GoFundMe donation drive
May 18


  • Enter traditional media world – billboards, news websites
  • Launch BALLS Merch Store with artists / celebs collaboration
  • Prototype BALLS Health App
  • Further development of NFTs catalogue
  • Release BALLS Health whitepaper v2 detailing BALLS Health app
  • First exchange listing application
May 15


  • Further explore $BALLS token integration into e-commerce offerings focused on the men’s self-development and men’s health market
  • Further development of BALLS Health App
  • Second exchange listing application
May 14


  • Gain massive PR demonstrating our 4 months progress of developing balls health nation-wide (USA)
  • Release Q4 roadmap focusing on further growth and development: (BALLS Health app development, team, marketing, partnerships, exchange listings) etc.
BALLS can be purchased on PancakeSwap, a
decentralized exchange built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).


  • Prepare your crypto wallet
    Install MetaMask ( or an alternative wallet compatible with PancakeSwap. Connect your wallet to Binance Smart Chain (see BSC for a guide).
  • Buy BNB on Binance
    Buy BNB (Binance coin) on Binance and withdraw it to your wallet (or use Trustwallet or to buy BNB, if Binance does not work).
  • Connect PancakeSwap & Select V2
    Go to PancakeSwap (hyperlink) and click ‘Connect’ in the top right corner. Ensure you use V2 of PancakeSwap.
  • Add the BALLS token
    Paste the smart contract address: 0x06454B893DAdF2bb5cC00D3caDd5905Cdb6AC102
  • Swap your BNB for BALLS!
    Remember, BALLS are made for HOLDING!